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    Shanghai CHANGE industrial equipment co., LTD is a pioneering and innovative enterprise, is the industrial compressor field set technology development, application, system integration and energy management as one of professional services, the company through continuous efforts, pioneering and innovative, has grown to a core technology and product strength of enterprise, and get to the customer's extensive recognition, the company with many years in the industrial compressor industry experience and in the field of technical level has many years of professional and technical personnel, for the industrial compressor industry provides throughout the product design, procurement, manufacturing, inspection, sales and so on a series of products and services, and  independent research and development the most market advantage, advanced and efficient frequency energy saving products for customers to realize efficient energy use to achieve the maximization of energy saving effect.

    The company is committed to become industrial compressor field control system of professional providers and energy management of professional services, make become industrial compressor industry quality strategic partner, the company advocates and hold on to that which is for industrial compressor industry provide the best quality product performance, the most reliable product quality, the most advanced product technology and the most perfect products and services, through the exclusive custom and design research and development, for cooperation enterprise realize product differentiation, let cooperation enterprise product ahead of the competition, to provide the most brand value of exclusive services.