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    Energy Recovery System

    According to reliable source statistics, compressed air production consumes a lot of energy, accounts for about 40% of all electricity factory above, and in the process of compression constitutes 96% of energy consumption are converted into heat emission off, of which about 2% through the motor of high temperature parts, such as direct radiation emission, about 94% through the cooling equipment indirect emissions, our many years is committed to energy recovery technology development, is now complete energy recovery solutions, and there are a number of patents, to injection screw compressor can achieve more than 70% energy recovery, oil-free screw compressor can achieve more than 90% of the energy recovery. 



    The system has been patented,Patent No.:201220244831.X

    hot water for life;
    Energy recovery utilization projects:
    The central air conditioning system and hot water floor heating hot water;
    Boiler water preheating;
    Heat of hot water cleaning process, such as electrophoresis paint cans electroplater a cleaning process;
    Industrial cleaning and sanitation clean;
    And other liquid medium heating (suchas parts cleaning fluid, etc.)
    Medicine degerming use hot water, etc
    Pure water heating in electronics industry;
    Finalize the design and textile, dyeing and finishing process of hot water rinse, water temperature 30 ℃ to 90℃


    Built-in circulation system,intensive design, can produce hot water rapidly Using frequency conversion PID control circulating pump, constant water temperature,to ensure that the air compressor constant temperature operation(Patent:201220244833.9);
    Rapid installation and put to use, save construction process Concentrated electronic control system, safe, reliable, Built-in water filter system, the system is not easy toscale formation,andextending using life;