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  • Frequency energy saving system

    Frequency energy saving system

    Frequency conversion energy saving system is aimed at low load compressor frequency energy saving technology configuration, not to change the original system as the premise, frequency of compressor upgrades, through the have many years of frequency conversion system design and manufacturing experience, and technical talents, advanced vector control system technology combined with our proprietary PID algorithm, the precise control of compressor, realize upgrade 0 risks, energy saving optimization.

    Variable-Frequency Control cabinet special for Industrial Compressor adapt to all screw-type, piston type, sliding vane、centrifugal compressors, with PLC control system, integrated air-compressor control and inverter control in one,  their own air compressor control system, when connected with the air compressor, do not change the original line, even if there is a problem in the frequency counter, you can also use the original frequency control and frequency converter to make your point without any risk. After the transformation it is olny different in the motor. 

    The system has been patented,Patent No.:2011120271724.1

    CI-VSD Series Variable Frequency counter has the following advantages:
    PLC control system, precise regulation of more than ordinary microcontroller PID control, truly achieve constant pressure air supply.
    Supply professional VSD transform system, make you more trust.
    Connect to screw compressor, completely achieve VSD compressor effect.
    Free switch between frequency and variable frequency(automatic/by hand)to remove users’ worries.
    Does not change original line and transform zero risk.
    Independent control cabinet, easy installation.
    The products have passed Energy-saving Certification, authority Certification.Energy Saving more than 30%(based on actual conditions).

    Frequency conversion energy saving system use the variable speed control technology, the displacement compressors can be the perfect combination of the user's gas consumption up to uninstall completely avoid the waste of the loss of 45% of rated power. Using advanced PLC and PID control regulation,can control the pressure within ±0.1bar, always under constant pressure in 6 bar work, so more energy-efficient, because each reduce the work pressure of 1bar,save 7% of energy consumption. So14% of direct energy.Other compressed air system leak was significantly reduced, such as the department's leakage at 6bar waw 15% less than 7 bar.