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    Network control centralized control

    System network centralized control, is based on computer directional depth analysis system of the assessment results are rational allocation of air compressor station system, to optimize the compressor control system, the use of advanced industrial control technology, the compressor for centralized monitoring, cooperate with our "industrial  system" can realize 24 hours unattended fully automatic operation.

    Network centralized control to adapt to all the screw-type,piston type, sliding vane,centrifugal compressors,with PLC control system, compatible with all brands of air compressors, passive contact through the RS485 interface or centralized control, more focused on the post-processing equipment, and joint control functions. All air compressor and control all the parameters can be monitored in the above.A clear process of showing the working condition of equipment equipped with manual and automatic control, and enables the preservation of all information and data, query and report printing capabilities.

    The system has been patented,Patent No.:201220207516.X

    real-time report;
    Alarm system;
    History chart system;
    Pressure classification control;
    Ethernet communication system;
    The report form to print system;
    Real-time dynamic picture;
    Intelligent fault analysis system;
    GPRS and ZIGBEE remote wireless control system;


    The series is focused on control system according to the needs of on-site Gas Consumption rational allocation of the working state of each compressor to meet the gas peak, low peak, the number of automatic start and stop the compressor, a rational allocation of the working hours of each compressor , so that the system air compressor running time and start times can be balanced. And can be required through the RS485 communicatio interface to connect a text display or touch screen, also can be connected to host computer (IPC or ordinary computer) for remote monitoring, you can control the air compressor in the office real-time operating conditions.We have also developed a factory-line remote on-line fault diagnosis and maintenance.