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    Frequency transformer

    CI - VF2 DSP digital control system and international advanced vector control algorithm, high performance, high precision of motor drive control, at the same time of improving product reliability and environmental adaptability, strengthened the ease of use and industry customers professional design, function optimization, application more flexible, more stable performance. Can be widely used in CNC machine tools, metal processing center as well as to the speed control accuracy and response speed, low frequency, output torque characteristic to demand higher occasion.
    Product features
    ◆Two kinds of speed control mode: no PG vector control (SVC), V/F control
    ◆Vector control (SVC) without PG: start torque 0.5 Hz can amount to 150%
    ◆Pieces of eight period of simple function of PLC, multistage speed control and PID control
    ◆Support for multiple frequency setting: digital, analog set, set the PID and RS485 communication setting
    ◆I/O terminals are free to programming, according to user's need to compose a variety of work mode
    ◆Pieces have jumping frequency control function, can effectively restrain the mechanical resonance, make the system more stable and reliable
    ◆Pieces have instantaneous power maintain function, can avoid because of instantaneous power outage and affect production
    ◆Pieces have over torque, low torque detection function
    ◆Automatic voltage regulation function, effectively solve the problem of high power motor at low frequency oscillation
    ◆Offers a variety of fault protection function: over current, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, overload, short of equal omni-directional real-time monitoring, to ensure safe operation
    ◆More than 37 kw inverter built-in reactor, improving the power factor of the input side also improves the efficiency and stability of the machine
    ◆In pieces 0.75 ~ 15 kw built-in brake unit
    Scope of application:
    ◆Pieces of metal processing, CNC machine, wire drawing machine and other mechanical equipment
    ◆Pieces of boiler blower, induced draft fan, exhaust fan in mine
    ◆Pieces of municipal engineering, central air-conditioning energy saving reconstruction
    ◆Pieces of cyclone machine, centrifugal dust removal fan, etc
    ◆Pieces of circulating water pump, pump, oil field injection water pumps, fuel pumps, music fountain
    ◆Pieces of paper making
    Technical parameters
    ◆The input voltage: 1 ac220v plus or minus 15% 3 ac220v + 15% 3 ac380v plus or minus 15%
    ◆Power range: 220 v level: 0.5 kW to 90 kW, 380 v, 0.75 kW to 800 kW
    ◆The output frequency range: 0 ~ 300 hz
    ◆Mixer input frequency 47 ~ 63 hz power factor 95% or higher
    ◆Control mode: PG vector control and V/F control
    ◆Three kinds of V/F curve can choose: linear, multipoint user-defined type and multiple power type
    ◆Run command source: panel, terminal and RS485 communication given given given
    ◆Frequency of a given source: panel digital and analog given given, RS485 serial communication given, multistage speed given simple PLC, PID is given
    ◆Overload capacity: B: 150% rated current up to 60 s, 180% rated current 10 s. P type 120% rated current up to 60 s, 150% rated current 10 s
    ◆Starting torque: no PG vector control (SVC) 0.5 Hz / 150%
    ◆Speed range: no 1:100 PG vector control (SVC)
    ◆Mixer speed control precision of + / - 0.5% (SVC)
    ◆Carrier frequency: 1.0 kHz to 15.0 kHz, and can be adjusted automatically according to temperature and load characteristic
    ◆The frequency resolution: digital to 0.01 Hz, analog to as the highest frequency multiplied by 0.1%
    ◆Torque increase: a manual torque 0 ~ 30%
    ◆Deceleration mode: straight line, with two sets of deceleration time Settings, deceleration time to switch
    ◆Brake: dc dc brake brake and stop when it is started
    ◆Inching operation: frequency range: 0.0 Hz ~ maximum output frequency, inching deceleration time: 0 ~ 3600.0 s
    Simple mixer PLC and more