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  • Industrial Compressor Control System

    Industrial Compressor Control System

    With continued research and development leading power and full recognition of the compressor system, we over the years providethe best control scheme for many customers in the industry. Control scheme derived from the excellent combination of customers’ needs with our technological innovation. Control scheme rely on the complete of the product model, professional, reliable,proprietary, industry-leading technology to become the unique new scheme. The formation of three distinctive types of schemesconfigured to meet the specificneeds of different customers.    

    We can provide the electronic control system products at different levels according to customers’ needs,such as from the cost to consider, we have a basic model adoption of MCU control system; from a functional and high-level considering we can offer SUPER AIR CONTROL SYSTEM control system.PLC can also be selected according to customers’ requirements, such as Schneider, Siemens, AB, ABB, Mitsubishi, and Omron etc.   


    The Integration Advantages of professional electronic control system:
    Diverse system design and manufacture.
    Specialized technological distribution systems and technical.
    Cost advantages of centralized purchasing.
    Improve the Production Efficiency of the machine plant.
    Reduce customers’ procurement and management costs.
    Design the unique control system for the customer to enhance the competitiveness of the plant.